Hi and welcome to my website. My portrait studio is at my home in St Albans in Christchurch New Zealand. 

After many years of wedding, family and commercial photography alongside my career as a radiographer and mother of three, I decided to focus on the art of studio portraiture. A large front room in a newly purchased house now holds a beautiful array of hand-painted canvas backdrops, and utilises both studio and natural lighting. 

I cater for individuals and small groups up to four people, and of course dog portraits are now a great passion of mine! 

Many years ago as a young frivolous 20-something living in London I won a studio portrait session with a friend, and went along for a bit of fun with several outfits. These were the days of film and lots of soft focus filters, and when I came across my album after moving house I had to laugh at the very 90's vibe - but when I looked past the blur and slightly interesting clothing I saw who I was at that very point in time, things that couldn't be seen on everyday snapshots.  I was youthful, carefree and loving life and the excitement of travel. Being a royal fan I used a black and white image of Princess Di as inspiration for some of the shots, and seeing them bought back so many incredible feelings and memories. Professional portraits really do capture a moment in time which you will have for generations, and I loved showing my kids their mum from well before they ever existed. Our family has a painting of my own mother by renowned painter Sally Hope.  After a year of sittings Sally produced the most beautiful massive painting capturing everything about my mothers personality which we now treasure enormously. 

Not many people though will go to the trouble of commissioning a painting, so I want to offer an easily accessible way of capturing and celebrating the people in your life who matter most.  Im so glad I still have these images, no matter what age you do this you will always look back in ten years and think how young you looked, and theres nothing better than being pampered with hair and makeup to look your best.

And of course our furry family members who give us such companionship and happiness deserve a place on the wall also!

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Christchurch, New Zealand                                                                                                                                                        

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